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Adam understands the struggles we all face.

Adam grew up in rural Washington. His dad had a union job as a high school counselor, which provided his family with reliable income and health insurance. Adam’s mom was a witty, creative person, who cared deeply about her family, but who struggled with alcoholism and a gambling addiction. Adam saw how his dad’s union job sheltered his family from the instability that plagued the families of his friends. Everyone on the Peninsula deserves a stable job and stable housing, to grow old without the fear that a bad fall or sudden illness could wipe out a lifetime of savings. That’s why he’s running for office. 

Adam’s experience growing up motivated him to serve. After graduating from the University of Washington, Adam worked for CCE, a non-profit that focused on behavioral health and criminal justice policy. He then volunteered as a rural organizer on the Olympic Peninsula and later worked as a field organizer for Congressman Derek Kilmer.

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Adam lives in Port Angeles where he served as Senator Kevin Van De Wege’s Legislative Assistant before stepping down to run for office. As a Legislative Assistant, he listened to people in our community about issues ranging from healthcare to housing and from forests to fisheries. He’s helped constituents with unemployment benefits, housing, and health insurance. Adam understands what our community struggles with, he’s lived many of those struggles firsthand, and he has the experience to tackle the problems facing our region.

In the community, Adam serves on the boards of the Olympic View Community Foundation, the Nor’wester Rotary, and the Clallam County Conservation Futures Program Advisory Board.

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